Single Song Mastering
  • Single Song Mastering
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One track, one flat rate, no hassle! Use the contact form below if you're interested in having multiple songs, an EP, or a full album mastered. I will be in touch via email about file delivery and scheduling!

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Single Song Re-Amping
  • Single Song Re-Amping
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One song, as many guitar/bass tracks as you want, as many revisions as are necessary! I want you to have the best possible guitar and bass sounds to start with for your recordings, with no hassle. Discounts available for multiple track productions. I will be in touch via email with file delivery and scheduling instructions.

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Guitarist of Seven Spires, Threads of Fate, and a rock and metal mixing/mastering engineer, Jack is a perfectionist when it comes to both technicality and musicality. He is also an avid lover of audio production and recording, and is passionate about creating massive, energetic, and polished recordings, from source tones to final masters.

Audio Service Inquiry Form (For Full EP/Album Mixing + Mastering)